The Handmade Kitchen Riga project has been created as a cosy fast-food restaurant, where 11 kinds of handmade dumplings are presented as the main course. All dumplings are sculpted and cooked right before your eyes. Conceptually, it was very important that visitors to the restaurant take a visual part in the cooking of dumplings and can see the whole process of rolling dough, laying out the stuffing, sculpting and cooking, and most importantly, the freshness and authenticity of the products for the toppings and dough. We cook dough for our dumplings of its own colour for each stuffing. Only natural dyes are used for dough, for example, in the dough for dumplings with spinach, Parmesan and ricotta, we add natural spinach juice, which we ourselves squeeze; in the dough for dumplings with chicken and Parmesan, we add turmeric, which very nicely turns the dough into a pale yellow colour; and in the dough for the famous black dumplings with shrimp, salmon and cod, we add natural cuttlefish ink.

To enhance the effect of the restaurant, where you can quickly eat and take away your favourite dishes, we placed a refrigerated showcase in the hall where you can choose salads for every taste and desserts in convenient glass and closed cans, non-alcoholic drinks among which there are our own fruit drinks, and also low alcohol drinks. It is worth to mention our branded cakes, which have already been rated by residents and guests of Riga as one of the best in the city.

After some time, it was decided to supplement the menu with breakfast, since we have positive experience in cooking dishes of this segment in our other restaurant Street Fries Kitchen. The breakfast menu included mainly hearty dishes that have recently become popular all over the world, such as American waffles and pancakes with ice cream and berries, salmon and avocado, as well as bruschetta, potato pancakes and sweet potato pancakes with salmon and caviar, oatmeal with nuts and berries, homemade granola with Greek yogurt and berries, omelettes and eggs Benedict with bacon or salmon, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. For lovers of good coffee, from time to time we pick up new varieties of coffee from different countries, which are prepared by the automatic machine in clear proportions, and for those who prefer good tea, we presented tea of a famous brand from South Africa.
We also have strong alcohol for any taste.
The average bill is from 5 to 15 EUR

Our team consists of professional chefs and polite cashiers and will be happy to welcome and serve you in our restaurant!